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These are the plays we have performed. To see some of our testimonials, please click on the link at the bottom of the page.

February 2019: Gaslightby Patrick Hamilton
February 2018: The Clean Houseby Sara Ruhl
October 2017: Communicating Doorsby Alan Ayckbourn
May 2017: The Cemetery Clubby Ivan Menchell
February 2017: Lend Me A Tenorby Ken Ludwig
October 2016: Blithe Spiritby Noel Coward
May 2016: Relatively Speakingby Alan Ayckbourn
February 2016: Summer Endby Eric Chappell
May 2015: Educating Ritaby Willy Russell
October 2014: Return of the Ghost Train by RADA
May 2014:Natural Causes by Eric Chappell
February 2014:Not Now Darling by Ray Cooney & John Chapman
October 2013:Enchanted Aprilby Matthew Barber, from the novel by Elizabeth Von Arnim
May 2013: Strictly Sex Factor on Ice ... with Deckchairs
February 2013: Graves End
November 2012:How the Other Half Loves by Alan Ayckbourn
May 2012:Radio Variety, featuring The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan
March 2012: The Scottish Play by Graham Holliday
June 2011: Forget-Me-Knot by David Tristram
February 2011: The Odd Couple (Female Version) by Neil Simon
October 2010: Why Me? by Stanley Price
July 2010: Ladies Day, by Amanda Whittington
February 2010: Inspector Drake & The Black Widowby David Tristram
October 2009: The Opposite Sexby Alan Ayckbourn
May 2009: Absent Friends, by Alan Ayckbourn
February 2009: Something to Hide, by Leslie Sands
October 2008: Rumours, by Neil Simon.
May 2008: The Way of All Fish and other Plays: Designated Driver, by Frederick Stroppel, The Whole Truth, by Viki Boyle and The Way of All Fish by Elaine May.
February 2008: Black Comedy, by Peter Schaffer
November 2007: Brief Suspicion, a thriller by Patricia Gordon
July 2007: Three al fresco plays: Doggies, by Joan McConnell; Perfect Partners, by Alan Richardson; A Light Lunch, by Bridget Derrett
February 2007: A Memory of Waterby Shelagh Stephenson
November 2006:  A Kiss on the Bottom,by Frank Vickery
July 2006: Party Piece by Richard Harris
February 2006: Chase Me up Farndale Avenue, S'il Vous Plait,by David McGillivary
& Walter Zerlin Jr
November 2005: Absurd Person Singular,by Alan Ayckbourn
July 2005:  Quartet,by Ronald Harwood
February 2005: Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore
October 2004: Plaza Suite, by Neil Simon
May 2004: Deckchairs, by Jean McConnell
February 2004: Strippers, by Peter Terson
October 2003: Unoriginal Sin, by David Tristram
May 2003: Alarms & Excursions, by Michael Frayn
February 2003: The Enquiry, by Charlotte Hastings
November 2002: Ghost Writer, by David Tristram
May 2002: Albert, by Richard Harris, The Reading Group by Fay Weldon and Ask a Silly Question by Richard Tydeman
February 2002: A Chorus of Disapproval, by Alan Ayckbourn
November 2001: Shakers, by John Godber & Jane Thornton
July 2001: After September, by Jimmie Chinn
February 2001: What's for Pudding? by David Tristram; Late Frost, by Jean McConnell; Two Fat Men, by Gillian Plowman; Properly Processed, by Lynne Brittney
November 2000: Inspector Drake and the Perfekt Crime by David Tristram
July 2000: Stepping Out, by Richard Harris
April 2000: Round & Round the Garden, by Alan Ayckbourn
November 1999: Tonight at Eight-Thirty (Hands Across the Sea and Still Life), by Noel Coward
July 1999: The Odd Couple, (female version) by Neil Simon
April 1999: Outside Edge, by Richard Harris
October 1998: A Visit from Miss Prothero, by Alan Bennett; The Last Scene of All, by Margaret Wood; The Last Panto in Plascassier, by David Tristram
April 1998: Daisy Pulls It Off, by Denise Deegan
October 1997: Whose Life Is It Anyway? by Brian Clark
May 1997: Joining The Club, by David Tristram; Confusions, by Alan Ayckbourn
November 1996: Last Tango in Plascassier, by David Tristram; Deckchairs, by Jean McConnell

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